with On-Demand
Team Discipleship™


with On-Demand
Team Discipleship™

MDN’s On-Demand Team Discipleship™ provides men and leaders with curriculum, Bible studies, and follow-up content that empower men’s groups worldwide.

On-Demand Team Discipleship™ Provides*

Comprehensive Host/Leader Outline

On-Demand Teaching Videos

On-Demand Teaching Audio

Field Manual PDFs

Interactive Discussion Questions

Follow-up Episode Devotionals

*These are only included in the Premium Men’s Trainings.


When We Become Men

When We Become Men

When We Become Men challenges men to put away their childish behaviors and to see how Christ-likeness and Manhood are synonymous.

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W.E.A.P.O.N.S.® is a life-changing men’s curriculum designed for Pastors and Leaders to equip their men with truth that transforms.

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How On-Demand Team Discipleship™ Works

1. Pick one of our men's topics to use with your men.
2. Host a kick-off event to create momentum.
3. Establish your weekly or monthly meeting times.
4. Give men access to our follow-up content.
5. Repeat the system with a new men's topic.

Team Event

Team Discipleship

Team Follow-Up


Use these tabs to learn more about our discipleship system.


Every new men's topic deserves a vibrant kickoff event. Why? To ignite an exhilarating event date for men to rally around as they re-engage their commitment to discipleship training.
Here are some options for your TEAM EVENT.

In Person with MDN

Request Men's Pastor Scott Caesar or a member of the MDN Team to come to you in person, leading your men at the kickoff event. *Based on Availability.

Livestream Webinar With MDN (Zoom)

Request Men's Pastor Scott Caesar or a member of the MDN Team to come to you, via Livestream Webinar Event (Zoom), leading your men at the kickoff. *Based on Availability.

Host Your Own Kickoff

Picture this: a relaxed meet-up, coffee in hand, with fellow men in your church or home. Simply go over the Host/Leader Outline as to what you will be doing together.

TEAM Discipleship

On-Demand Teaching Video With Interactive Discussion Time

After you register, you unlock access to full access of the topic's content, including on-demand video Bible teachings. While MDN encourages viewing together, how you do it is up to you: gather in person live, host a Zoom call live, or watch separately before meeting.

Live: In Person

Watch with the men together in person.

Live: Online

Watch with the men together on your livestream platform of choice.

Watch Before Meeting

Watch on-demand video teaching separately, then meet live in person or online for Team Discussion.


MDN provides men with access to digestible devotional content to reinforce and refresh the teaching of each episode. Whether it's weekly or monthly, these short devotionals keep the Bible's key truth in the men's mind, ready for their next consistent discipleship experience with you.

Send Follow-Up

We make it seamless for you. Hosts and Leaders will be given an email with links to all the devotional content. All they have to do is copy, paste, and send.

Follow-Up Content

Give your team full access to ON-DEMAND follow-up episode devotions. When men register on the site with the Team code, they get access to topical truth refreshers anytime, anywhere. 

Follow-up Into Fellowship

Your men will begin to eagerly anticipate their Sunday gatherings, and men's groups, finding strength and consistency in pursuing a shared Biblical topic that is followed up on.

Why On-Demand Team Discipleship™ Works

Team Discipleship is a practice rooted in the Christian faith and refers to the practice of growing in one’s own relationship with God alongside a group of other brothers. In our individualistic culture, viewing our faith solely personal and private can be easy. However, God calls us to live in community with others (Hebrews 10:24-25).

At MDN we have S.E.A.L. Teams. These groups of men actively and intentionally Strengthen, Encourage, Admonish, and Love one another. These S.E.A.L. Teams combine their gifts, perspectives, and experiences to empower each other in their spiritual journeys.

MDN is a 501c3 non-profit organization

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